Audio Mastering

I have been mastering professionally for the last 9 years across a variety of genres, from Dub to Techno, Ambient Electronica to Rock and New Wave.

Mastering is a skill that you never fully master … you learn new tricks and techniques with every mastering job, and that’s how we improve and do an even better job next time. Moreover a mastering engineer must have a special relationship with their ears, and be aware of how they change over short or long periods of time.

20 years of studio experience and a scientifically enquiring mind have taught me a lot about how sound works. I’ve worked with a wide variety of material over the years, from deep chillout to 4-on-the-floor dance, to dubstep and bass music, and it’s this variety that has given me the opportunity to develop different mastering strategies and signal chains to suit different program material. I approach each mastering job with a fresh mindset, and above all am sensitive to the nature of the music and the target audience.

I have some of the best tools at my disposal, from hi-end Universal Audio AD/DA converters, Dynaudio BM15a reference monitors, to a vast arsenal of UAD emulations and some of the most advanced audio tools, which I have honed and refined into the the ultimate toolkit for taking care of your master and bringing out the best in your music.

Nick Brennan, Remixing on SoundBetter