Audio Mastering

I have been mastering professionally for the last 9 years across a variety of genres, from Dub to Techno, Ambient Electronica to Rock and New Wave.

Mastering is a skill that you never fully master … you learn new tricks and techniques with every mastering job, and that’s how we improve and do an even better job next time. Moreover a mastering engineer must have a special relationship with their ears, and be aware of how they change over short or long periods of time.

20 years of studio experience and a scientifically enquiring mind have taught me a lot about how sound works. I’ve worked with a wide variety of material over the years, from deep chillout to 4-on-the-floor dance, to dubstep and bass music, and it’s this variety that has given me the opportunity to develop different mastering strategies and signal chains to suit different program material. I approach each mastering job with a fresh mindset, and above all am sensitive to the nature of the music and the target audience.

I have some of the best tools at my disposal, from hi-end Universal Audio AD/DA converters, Dynaudio BM15a reference monitors, to a vast arsenal of UAD emulations and some of the most advanced audio tools, which I have honed and refined into the the ultimate toolkit for taking care of your master and bringing out the best in your music.

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Nick Brennan, Remixing on SoundBetter


Sometimes for a producer, it can be invaluable to get an extra set of ears on your music. Through the course of the composition process you’re intently focused on the music you’re creating, to the point where it’s common to lose objectivity in your mix. It can help to step away for a few days and come back to your creation with fresh ears, but sometimes it can take the ears of another to make the best of what you’ve created.

I’m in increasing demand as a mix engineer these days – working with varying degrees of involvement, from simply balancing the stems I’m provided with to ensure clarity, separation and balance in the mix, to getting more involved and introducing new elements and / or instrumentation to the complement the mix.

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Nick Brennan, Remixing on SoundBetter