What am I?

Good question.

My name is Nick Brennan, and over the last 20 years I’ve supplied a wide variety of clients with an equally wide range of design, development, IT and audio services, all while building a successful parallel career as a professional music producer and DJ.

Since graduating in Computer Science in 1999 and moving straight into creative agency life, creating websites, banners, viral marketing campaigns, I went freelance in 2004 and have followed that course ever since, which has allowed me to keep one foot in graphic design, 3D, and web and multimedia development while the other foot was busy doing the rockstar thing.

I’m still making music. Plenty of it. I’ve built 2 successful record labels and have a second life playing music to happy punters around the world.

I’m also still doing bits of web development here and there. Creatively directing my record labels in particular has also enabled me to refine my design eye and develop new skills in motion graphics.

I’m in the process of populating this site with my portfolio, so please bear with me as a fill the gaps.

If my skills fit your needs, get in touch.

Forerunners – Magnetic Quartz

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Matter – Dusk Till Dawn

Featured Motion Graphics Video