My name is Nick Brennan, and I provide a number of design, development, IT and audio services to a wide variety of clients.
I’ve been building websites since the bad old days. I have an eye for design and the technical know-how to handle your job from end to end.
I produce, engineer and master music too, been quite successful with that.


Jack of all trades

(and master of a few)

Web design and development

My bread and butter. Having graduated in 1999 I got stuck straight into the (then emerging) world of web design. Back then, of course, things were very different and we had to work within tight constraints. These days, the sky's the limit. My experience in a number of different coding disciplines has led to me developing specialisations in the following areas:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SASS
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Kinetic JS
  • GSAP
  • Web Audio API
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Actinic / Sellerdeck development
  • Full ecommerce solutions from physical products to digital downloads
  • Paypal and payment gateway integration
  • Web server management (Linux and Windows) - SSH, Plesk & cPanel

I run a web server in partnership with Humble2, and can host your site at low cost, whether I built it or not. Having complete control of our webserver means we have complete flexibility to install and maintain modules for advanced functionality that may not otherwise be possible on a managed or shared hosting plan.

ICAP Charity Day

Advanced, scrollwheel-driven, fully responsive pure-scripted animation using Javascript / Kinetic JS / GSAP and the Web Audio API. This challenging project required some serious lateral thinking and mathematics to achieve the brief and create a presentation that would work responsively on multiple platforms despite using the most cutting edge of browser technologies.

Intel IQ

Interactive map for Intel's IQ blog, mapping and detailing Intel WIFI hotspots in airports and cities around the globe.
Peter Prescott

Managing Director, The Wine Library
I am thrilled with our new website, the second one we have had, designed and built by Nick Brennan at Mu. We have had so many positive comments about the usability, content and design plus plenty of orders too - what more could you want! Excellent support and back-up too - highly recommended.
The Wine Library

Ecommerce-enabled website with an advanced filter-based interface. The database and secure administration backend provide the means to manage inventory, offers, customers and order fulfilment, and allows flexible presentation of data on the website. A bespoke recommendations engine provides upsell opportunities based on recorded customer preferences and purchase history.

Content & Services: Database development, PHP / HTML / CSS / Javascript programming / Interface design. Utilises the Mu CMS.

Asda Asda
Asda / George

A pair of jQuery-powered careers presentations for the Asda / George recruitment website, commissioned by Work Group.
By Christopher

Thoroughly modern refresh of website for this premium catering company. Fully semantic CSS3 design with a few nifty backend tricks. Delicious.
Network Rail

Custom jQuery-plugin-powered presenter for the Network Rail website, commissioned by Work Group.
Jill Davies

Herbs Hands Healing
Nick has made us the most amazing website. His ingenuity and clever know-how combined with artistic skills has made for a hugely practical and enjoyable site that has proved its worth over the ensuing time since its launch. Thank you Nick.
Herbs Hands Healing

Major rebuild of a long-running website and Sellerdeck store for this thriving Herbalist business. There were several key considerations for the project - complete control of content throughout the site, attractive presentation of a wide variety of information and media, thorough optimisation for search engines and preservation of deep-rooted Google rankings despite a complete overhaul of the site structure.

Content & Services: Database development, PHP / HTML / CSS / Javascript programming / Interface design, SEO considerations. Utilises the Mu Content Management System.

Pioneer Rekordbox Mobile

Interactive user guide for Pioneer's Rekordbox app on iOS and Android. The user's progress is stored as they walk through the guide. All system logic coded in Javascript / JQuery.
Messum's Fine Art

I worked with Messum's through 2 rebuilds of their website. The latest version was plumbed directly into a bespoke gallery CMS which replaced the industry-standard Filemaker system they had used for many years previously, and dealt with every aspect of their business from inventory, stock control, client and mailing list management, accounting and reporting, xls import and export, hi-res PDF generation, and image processing with automatic embedding of IPTC metadata.
Gallery Management Suite

A complete, bespoke gallery management suite built for Messum's as part of their last rebuild. This ambitious project was the result of years struggling with making Filemaker work as an online platform. The answer? Completely rebuild their existing system as a server-based PHP / MySQL solution. Comprising inventory, artist, customer and publication management, image library management including automated emerging standards-compliant IPTC metadata embedding on upload, and advanced accounting functions and report generation (including Microsoft Excel import / export and hi-res PDF generation. All wrapped up in an ultra-secure system with tiered access levels for management, content editors and sales staff.
David Eserin

Product Support Specialist
Pioneer DJ Europe
Nick at Mu collaborated with Kurst to create a highly usable and intuitive walkthrough guide for our Rekordbox Mobile app. It's straightforward, elegant and browser-proof - everything we needed it to be.
Crane Kalman Gallery

Clean and elegant website for this Knightsbridge fine art gallery.
Section Records

My own record label. The site is set up for the purchase of both physical products and digital downloads, and the bespoke backend is a complete label management solution including digital asset management, order tracking, customer and mailing list management.

Content & Services: Database development, PHP / HTML / CSS / Javascript programming / Interface design. Utilises the Mu CMS.


Small and entertainingly lo-fi website for the band SCREEN, a.k.a. Gaudi, Dr Alex Paterson and Chester. Site produced for seminal post-punk label Malicious Damage.
Chris Messum

By Christopher
We've worked with Nick and the team at Mu Media on several projects. It's a competitive market and very easy to spend very little on e-web template design. This is where people make their first mistake. Mu's ideas are refreshing, sleek and modern with several "bolt-ons" that just can't be found on the open market. I highly recommend considering them for your next web design project.
Zidane - The Movie

Microsite to promote the release of the critically-acclaimed biopic.
Trinity Maxwell

Launch website for a concierge telecommunications company servicing the City of London.
Wilfrid De Glehn

Biographical website for the artist Wilfrid de Glehn, commissioned by Messums Fine Art. Features a nifty parallax-enabled Flash timeline.

Portfolio of services

web portfolio

web development

everything from microsites to full blown ecommerce solutions. PHP and jQuery a speciality

design and multimedia portfolio

print & multimedia

stationery, flyers, promotional packages and artwork for music

audio portfolio

audio work

sound design, synchronisation and composition

mu cms

mu CMS

My custom-built, infinitely-extensible bespoke Content Management System

systems support and administration

systems support

I also service a number of clients' network and computer requirements


mu audio mastering

Professional, market-ready production masters of your music

Past & present clients include:

  • Intel
  • ICAP
  • New Balance
  • Hill + Knowlton
  • Bisqit
  • Arctic Response Technology
  • Network Rail
  • Asda / George
  • The Wine Library
  • LA Muscle
  • Pioneer DJ
  • By Christopher
  • Canapé Box
  • Messum's Fine Art
  • Crane Kalman Gallery
  • Timothy Taylor Gallery
  • Trinity Maxwell
  • Rémy Martin
  • 3D Realms
  • Mythopolis Pictures
  • Selective Media
  • Accenture
  • J P Morgan
  • Section Records
  • Interchill Records
  • Herbs Hands Healing
  • AIG
  • Tim Bonython Productions
  • Sendo
  • Inmarsat