My name is Nick Brennan, and I provide a number of design, development, IT and audio services to a wide variety of clients.
I’ve been building websites since the bad old days. I have an eye for design and the technical know-how to handle your job from end to end.
I produce, engineer and master music too, been quite successful with that.


Jack of all trades

(and master of a few)

Mu Mastering

In addition to my traditional new media portfolio, I've found myself increasingly called upon to provide audio mastering services, both for my own label and others. As a result I've devoted many, many hours in recent years to studying the subject and training my ears, and I've auditioned and ultimately invested heavily in mastering-grade hardware, software & acoustic solutions for my studio. I am now equipped and ready to offer these services to discerning producers and labels requiring production-ready masters at competitive rates.

20 years of studio experience and a scientifically enquiring mind have taught me a lot about how sound works. Contrary to popular trends, successful mastering involves a lot more than just slapping a limiter over the output bus and making your carefully-composed hard work as loud as possible. I've worked with a wide variety of material over the years, from deep chillout to 4-on-the-floor dance, to dubstep and bass music, and it's this variety that has given me the opportunity to develop different mastering strategies and signal chains to suit different program material. I approach each mastering job with a fresh mindset, and above all am sensitive to the nature of the music and the target

In-house hardware:

  • Dynaudio BM15a monitoring
  • Apogee AD/DA
  • SSL Duende
  • Mastering suite acoustically-treated throughout with acoustic solutions by Vicoustic

Other hardware used:

  • SSL X-Logic G-Series Buss compressor
  • GML 8200 stereo equaliser

Software used includes:

  • SSL X-EQ mastering-grade Equaliser
  • SSL Duende Native Buss Compressor
  • SSL X-Comp mastering-grade compressor
  • Slate Digital FG-X
  • Slate Digital VTM
  • Slate Digital VCC
  • Brainworx Digital mid/side processor
  • Maag EQ4 6-band EQ with AIR BAND ®
  • Sonalksis
  • Samplemagic Magic A/B reference tool

I offer mastering services at the competitive rate of £40 per track, or £400 for a complete album (regardless of the number of tracks). Send me an email with your requirements and an example of your material and I can quote you, or provide guidance on how best to optimise your premaster mixdown to get the best out of the finished product.

Portfolio of services

web portfolio

web development

everything from microsites to full blown ecommerce solutions. PHP and jQuery a speciality

design and multimedia portfolio

print & multimedia

stationery, flyers, promotional packages and artwork for music

audio portfolio

audio work

sound design, synchronisation and composition

mu cms

mu CMS

My custom-built, infinitely-extensible bespoke Content Management System

systems support and administration

systems support

I also service a number of clients' network and computer requirements


mu audio mastering

Professional, market-ready production masters of your music

Past & present clients include:

  • Intel
  • ICAP
  • New Balance
  • Hill + Knowlton
  • Bisqit
  • Arctic Response Technology
  • Network Rail
  • Asda / George
  • The Wine Library
  • LA Muscle
  • Pioneer DJ
  • By Christopher
  • Canapé Box
  • Messum's Fine Art
  • Crane Kalman Gallery
  • Timothy Taylor Gallery
  • Trinity Maxwell
  • Rémy Martin
  • 3D Realms
  • Mythopolis Pictures
  • Selective Media
  • Accenture
  • J P Morgan
  • Section Records
  • Interchill Records
  • Herbs Hands Healing
  • AIG
  • Tim Bonython Productions
  • Sendo
  • Inmarsat