My name is Nick Brennan, and I provide a number of design, development, IT and audio services to a wide variety of clients.
I’ve been building websites since the bad old days. I have an eye for design and the technical know-how to handle your job from end to end.
I produce, engineer and master music too, been quite successful with that.


Jack of all trades

(and master of a few)


All sites I build come with option to plug into my own bespoke content management suite.

The Mu CMS has been developed bit by bit over the past 5 years, and arose from a need to provide my clients with a flexible and user-friendly admin suite, and empower them to take ownership of the content on their websites. My experience of open-source systems fell short in a number of ways:

  • Despite providing a useful "off-the-shelf" codebase to provide essential functionality for non-developers, my own experience of tailoring the design and functionality to suit my clients' needs was that it was awkward, time-consuming and ultimately a false economy for the client.
  • The amount of aftercare I would sometimes have to give made me question the user-friendliness of such systems. When a CMS is built to cover all possible needs, your end user will inevitably be swamped with features, sections and buttons they don't need, don't understand and have no interest in learning. In 2019 your average content creator shouldn't be expected to think like a geek to edit a page on their website.

Sure, I could have spent some time and learnt how to skin these solutions and hack the functionality to fit my needs, but why invest that time in mastering a 3rd-party system when I felt the useability was always going to fall short for my clients? Each has different requirements, and new requests for features and different ways of interacting with the system are common. So I built my own content management framework and have been refining it and adding features ever since.

The modular nature of the system (and the fact that I developed it) mean that I can roll out a fully-featured bespoke CMS in double-quick time. My clients get all the features they need, but only the features they need to fully manage their content. I've incorporated industry-leading WYSIWYG editors, the latest and most useable jQuery UI tools like drag and drop sorting, synchronous uploaders, digital asset management etc ... The system is infinitely extensible and if a client needs a new feature, I can build it to order and plug it into the framework.

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Portfolio of services

web portfolio

web development

everything from microsites to full blown ecommerce solutions. PHP and jQuery a speciality

design and multimedia portfolio

print & multimedia

stationery, flyers, promotional packages and artwork for music

audio portfolio

audio work

sound design, synchronisation and composition

mu cms

mu CMS

My custom-built, infinitely-extensible bespoke Content Management System

systems support and administration

systems support

I also service a number of clients' network and computer requirements


mu audio mastering

Professional, market-ready production masters of your music

Past & present clients include:

  • Intel
  • ICAP
  • New Balance
  • Hill + Knowlton
  • Bisqit
  • Arctic Response Technology
  • Network Rail
  • Asda / George
  • The Wine Library
  • LA Muscle
  • Pioneer DJ
  • By Christopher
  • Canapé Box
  • Messum's Fine Art
  • Crane Kalman Gallery
  • Timothy Taylor Gallery
  • Trinity Maxwell
  • Rémy Martin
  • 3D Realms
  • Mythopolis Pictures
  • Selective Media
  • Accenture
  • J P Morgan
  • Section Records
  • Interchill Records
  • Herbs Hands Healing
  • AIG
  • Tim Bonython Productions
  • Sendo
  • Inmarsat